You won't believe why my $5,000 PC wasn't working......

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29 күн мурун

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Bitwit 27 күн мурун
Thanks to DataCamp for sponsoring this video!! Invest in yourself! Use my link and check out the first chapter of any course for FREE!
Gimmy tweneydallas
Gimmy tweneydallas 17 күн мурун
how often do u clean all your pc's
Jeremy Mitchell
Jeremy Mitchell 20 күн мурун
😆 my 200$ pandora works great 😆
mike 23 күн мурун
can i get a pc?
Marcus Leslie-Dakers
Marcus Leslie-Dakers 25 күн мурун
Literally commented on previous video to swap DP cables. Austin Evans had the same problem.
UnadoptedTurkey 26 күн мурун
I need help building a pc. I was gonna buy a laptop to stream with my elgato requires atleast a i5 cpu I was gonna go past the recommendations and get something better. The laptops I was looking at are around 900. Pretty sure I can build a pc that's better for that price or am I wrong ???
ITZ JOHN Күн мурун
I’m dumb during the sponcer I was waiting for skip ads 😂😭
Zer0 2 күн мурун
sacheev krishanu
sacheev krishanu 2 күн мурун
Justan Ol ' Guy
Justan Ol ' Guy 3 күн мурун
I have never prayed for a no POST until today!
Meme Discover channel
Meme Discover channel 3 күн мурун
Get the 3090 it's like 10x more powerful
Lackadaisical 4 күн мурун
15:50 your nvme force mp600 sits at 41.C which is acceptable but not ideal
Chris Teschke
Chris Teschke 4 күн мурун
I totally did believe it :(
Niko Tokita
Niko Tokita 4 күн мурун
Can you build me a pc I can't even run valorant
MajorTechBruh 7 күн мурун
all else fails, switch the cables
The Finisher Random
The Finisher Random 8 күн мурун
Why is it the power supply ??
papamaanbeerVideo 8 күн мурун
so whats up with that power supply?
Spliff Ridah
Spliff Ridah 10 күн мурун
Reminds me of one of my best fails 😆 I upgraded from a 2600x to 3700x and after it NO VIDEO SIGNAL 😲 So I went back to the 2600x, VIDEO SIGNAL 👍 Change again to the 3700x, NO VIDEO SIGNAL 😲 To make a very long story short (close to 4h) Every time I changed to the 3700x I pluged my Monitor into the internal GPU slot instead into the slot of my GPU... 😂😂😂😂 Just a short comment how to waste lifetime by being stupid 😎
QAL1H - Gameplay
QAL1H - Gameplay 10 күн мурун
WAIT! I have to sometimes 'jump start' my PC by flicking the power switch on the PSU ever so slowly LOOOL WHHHYY?
caspar valentine
caspar valentine 10 күн мурун
your pc would've worked if only you followed the verge's $2,000 pc build
ImPureKratos 10 күн мурун
Please god sell me a higher end 20 series or 30 series GPU, ill throw in my 2060 super.
The Metal_mexican_guy
The Metal_mexican_guy 10 күн мурун
I have a question. I built my first pc and I bought an MSI Z390 A-pro and I bought a new Ram by corsair and my motherboard won't boot up with four rams and it only boots up with one ram. Could you help me with this situation because I don't know what to do? Do I need to change the speed or ram Mghz?
Hadi Baharuddin
Hadi Baharuddin 11 күн мурун
Finally an answer
ODYS 11 күн мурун
I don't care.
Ashley Jay Tanna
Ashley Jay Tanna 11 күн мурун
Awww.... The 6900xt didn't work. The 3080 or 3090 will be the next best thing to do.... I'll be happy to take any of your gpu's I'll gladly pay you a fair price for it....
Logan Dorse
Logan Dorse 11 күн мурун
dude you had a glow up
xTrittonStudios 12 күн мурун
When the card posts at 4:20 🧐
Daniel Bang
Daniel Bang 14 күн мурун
enjoyed this video very much. thank you
SJ GMAINGROBLOX 14 күн мурун
ive got the worst life l cant even afffored a 100 pound pc
Akshat Banerjee
Akshat Banerjee 14 күн мурун
@Bitwit , I recently sent you an email , and I have a cooler master 750watt gold psu and it lights up the rgb but doesn’t turn the system on , my PC just switches of by itself after 1-2 hours of use and then doesn’t turn on for a couple of hours I changed the thermal paste and cleaned the radiator but still no result
gregg marshall
gregg marshall 14 күн мурун
Wouldn't it be simpler to get rid of the gpu cable and mount the gpu straight into the motherboard.???
FollowMeDaily 14 күн мурун
Ever find out what was up with the power supply?
Monty kofahi
Monty kofahi 15 күн мурун
The obeisant shade holly travel because bracket elderly realise failing a erratic heat. ill-informed, pointless shovel
Gabriel hauerwaas
Gabriel hauerwaas 16 күн мурун
Hey peoples of the internet. I have the same problem with a rx 5700 XT. Only difference is I tried it on 3 different monitors and 4 different kabels. Any suggestions?
martin krol
martin krol 16 күн мурун
those phanteks psu's only work with their own cables as in yo dont get to connect any other cables. but since you tried it with their own cables that probably isn't the only problem. it actually has pretty clear warnings about it in their documentation too. it's because of the weirdness that the dual mobo connection brings.
James Cummings
James Cummings 17 күн мурун
Blueberry 17 күн мурун
Him: screw the RTX 3080 Me: sooo.... does that mean you still need it? Cause like.... I’ll take it
Winston Smith
Winston Smith 17 күн мурун
Nelson: Ha Ha
Amistrophy 18 күн мурун
$5000 PC? Oh so you have a GT130 graphics card? -2022 last quarter
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 18 күн мурун
What gpu is that?
Mikenperu 18 күн мурун
If the PCI cable was truley suspect, plug the card directly into the motherboard for testing only! I have my own problems with two builds around here as well, goodluck!
Tony Piazza
Tony Piazza 18 күн мурун
You used that bad ass gold ram on a test board!?!?!? LOL... /cry
alexandru george Cristea
alexandru george Cristea 18 күн мурун
Man I presume that your kabels fried the psu !! There are hot garbage
JASON SMITH 18 күн мурун
Your wifey left you because you can't grow a full beard and use cringy clickbait.
Neeltodaking 19 күн мурун
Hdmi cable.
Sean Roach
Sean Roach 19 күн мурун
Kyle: SCREW THE RTX 3080 Me: i only have an rx 570 ;-;
Nizo 19 күн мурун
maybe its the smart access memory thats stoping you from using the 6900xt
Jakub Muron
Jakub Muron 19 күн мурун
"You won't believe why my $5,000 PC wasn't working" Well actually I will because some of mine didnt work for reasons so miniscule and stupid YOU wouldnt believe.....
Clarence 19 күн мурун
successful fix at the successful time 8:40
black plasma
black plasma 19 күн мурун
if it wont show on screen just put ur ram from right to left in i had the same probleem
the quickest ssd
the quickest ssd 20 күн мурун
Ive been away a few months.... has my man lost weight??? Looking good dude. 😁
Hawkz 20 күн мурун
Soooooo... When you gonna punch that baby?
Shane Meow
Shane Meow 20 күн мурун
when i built a pc with a friend, we had been troubeshooting for about 4h straight until we gave up ( No Video Signal) 3 Days later new GPU came in and same , no signal. Again 3 Days later, we tested the pc parts with my mainboard at my place. Everything Worked, even the his monitor. 1 Week later, we built his pc together and tested again, no video signal until i accidentdally swapped the monitor worked and the cause of that trouble.. It was his overpriced 95€ DP cable which wasn´t working
AKDrake 20 күн мурун
Genuine curiosity when I ask, but why pick a 6900XT over a 3090 or 3080? Aren't they both better by a significant margin?
akaThumpz 20 күн мурун
you can probably change back to the 1st PSU now lol
P.G 20 күн мурун
'screw the rtx 3080' haha can i pls have it then ;-;
scboy4eve 20 күн мурун
The data cable being wrong after dozens of hours of cursing and frustration is literally one of my worst fears of what Hell may be like on a continuous loop.
MasteryOff Gtrash
MasteryOff Gtrash 21 күн мурун
Just a guess: but maybe HDMI is needed for first boot. Some motherboards won't boot with displayport. Reason? No one knows and is surprised by this error
Ryan Burtch
Ryan Burtch 21 күн мурун
Why would you force gen 3 on a gen 4 card? What does that bios setting actually do in the background?
Clutch Gameplays
Clutch Gameplays 21 күн мурун
4:20 do be that lucky time for the 6900XT tho-
Ultimate gamer
Ultimate gamer 21 күн мурун
where nvidia
Zack S
Zack S 21 күн мурун
the screen turned on at 4:20.
Quick Nick
Quick Nick 21 күн мурун
Ah was a different issue for you. My PC started to shut down and power on repeadetly. Infinite boot loop. But the sound he made was that "holding down the power button to force shut him off" sound. Problem was: I custom sleeved my cables a while ago. Using a 380T all cables are always too long. Now the 24pin mobo cable wasn't connecting properly to the psu. That caused all of this. But until I found out... Oh I tell ya.
Professional Asshole
Professional Asshole 21 күн мурун
When you build a PC and your PSU is not working.... That is just..... Revolting. Ba Dum Tsssssssssssssss
CsGaming YT
CsGaming YT 21 күн мурун
Just spam the power button maybe it will work
AL D 21 күн мурун
Lovely build, Big Thumbs up!!
Bence Varga
Bence Varga 21 күн мурун
Me not having extra GPUs and no knowledge of CMOS clearing: "Guess replacing the cable would be the easiest to try first."
MyNameShouldHave50WordsOrElseNeverGonnaGiveYouUpXD 21 күн мурун
If u wanna save some time the display port 1.2 cable had some issue so Kyle switched it to a hdmi 2.1 cable and it worked. That was why his pc wasn’t working.
Joel W
Joel W 21 күн мурун
I went through that same cable nonsense a while back. Frustrating as all hell.
Bence Varga
Bence Varga 21 күн мурун
My HDMI 2.0 cable didn't work properly with my 5700XT, I'm on a DP 1.4 cable without any problems (1080p 165Hz Acer screen). To be honest I was hoping for it because I don't have any extra GPUs lying around.
Brodie Wallace
Brodie Wallace 21 күн мурун
What an overpriced piece of junk
Edgar Ochoa
Edgar Ochoa 21 күн мурун
It's kind of fun and sad at the same time to see your first world country problems LOL in my case I live in Mexico and I'm having kind of a hassle with Asus because I bought a monitor last year (Sept 2020) this monitor VG35V cost about +5 months of curently minimun wage in México and if in my case you are the father of 3 daughters can Imagine the effort you have to made to been able to afford such mentioned monitor, well to make this short, the monitor has about 10 dead pixels (white) so obviously I pretend to RMA it to Asus but like I already said I live in Mexico and it appears that Asus just don't give a shit about Mexican customers and ask me so send it to the vendor where I purshased it in the first place, the vendor ask me to send it to them and wait about 15 days meanwhile thet send it to their provider and see if the defect it's real (I have already send photos of the issue), the monitor it's a big fella and obviously the cost of send it to them is considerably but the most important thing to me is that I will have to wait 15+ daysto get an answer and answer no even a monitor back because the vendor don't have in stock a same model and brand monitor, so they IF applicable will give me a credit note to select another currently stocked monitor, that I choose, the monitor was bought before and considerably increase in the cost of the dollar SO in actual money I will get a credit of that amount, amount such as today will get me an inferior monitor in all aspects. Why Asus don't get it's sh**t together and send me a same model monitor so when I get it can send to them the faulty one?, why only in USA why the Mexican and latinoamerican market don't worth a shit to them even considering all the sacrifices we must make to buy such a local expensive parts?. I hope that you can make this public and if you can and will contact asus about this case. Appreciate it in advance! (And as every body says "Sorry about my english it's not my primary language")
Bill Bird
Bill Bird 22 күн мурун
Glad you're doing good!
edgar munoz
edgar munoz 22 күн мурун
was the grey power supply on ???
Bernardo Espíndola
Bernardo Espíndola 22 күн мурун
8:37 PC: "4:20" Kyle: " YES YES YES"
Matthew Hardwick
Matthew Hardwick 22 күн мурун
And it turns on at 4:20 Nice!
kalmtraveler 22 күн мурун
nice to see at least someone can build a system during this supply shortage/scalping era. I've been wanting to downsize for my 2021 rig with a SFF build in an Ncase M1 - planned for it to be my first AMD CPU personal rig with a 5950x, and an Asus TUF 3090 since they apparently fit this case (founders card is too large) but neither of them exist. So here I sit with the case, an EKWB 240mm AIO and one Noctua NF-A12x25 fan for it (the pwm 12v version has been sold out on Amazon for a while now).
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever 22 күн мурун
i havent been really watching any of my tech tubers i follow because i dont want to see things i cant get , its annoying seeing these guys getting all the new gpus and i cant even get one its like a slap in the face
NOTTU 22 күн мурун
yo my boy Bit looking good!
Rowan McKay
Rowan McKay 22 күн мурун
I have a phanteks gamer x 1000 and it didn't boot the first 7 times and they sent me a new one and it was nice and working
Wavyrocks 22 күн мурун
Raima888s 22 күн мурун
always go back to basics when troubleshooting. cpu, ram and mobo. make sure it turns, on, then add the card, etc. test one by one. No need to screw everything in until you've confirmed bits working.
Jakub Samek
Jakub Samek 22 күн мурун
Anyone knows what those case fans are? Thx
Joe Lalock
Joe Lalock 22 күн мурун
you go into it thinking the problem was a riser CABLE and investigated power CABLEs then can't believe a video CABLE was the problem. and btw, ever since i first saw them introduced, i never thought a riser cable was a good idea for video cards, i don't know why..just a gut feeling and they don't seem to be going in the right direction.
Antonis Lar
Antonis Lar 22 күн мурун
Just remember guys DON'T USE AMD
DJSekuHusky 22 күн мурун
Hmmm...a buddy of mine with a Prime Gold 1050W Seasonic has been having issues with his build that's third gen Ryzen 7, meanwhile my Prime Gold 1200W has been chugging away in my overclocked Intel build, and I stress tested that PSU before selling it to him so I have my doubts that it's failing (and his build is clean so no dust issues). I had similar issues with AMD boards not liking certain fully working PSUs back in the Bulldozer would be neat to understand why that's happening.
AviationInVegas 22 күн мурун
Can’t wait for this PC setup to be done. It’ll look amazing, Kyle. Good job!
Rene 22 күн мурун
how's the wife?
Manny Caballero
Manny Caballero 22 күн мурун
No glasses? Coulda been something his ex complained about. I say this because I had a gf of 9 yrs who complained of my glasses.
Sibusiso Radebe
Sibusiso Radebe 22 күн мурун
Thank goodness this build works. It looks too damn good to not work.
Carl the electrician
Carl the electrician 22 күн мурун
Jamaal Chardavoine
Jamaal Chardavoine 22 күн мурун
I’m curious if the HDMI cable swap would’ve worked in the first place
S T 22 күн мурун
You won’t believe why i dont care....
ultravy 22 күн мурун
Hmm one thing you did, and change it in the end was custom white psu cables! That's why you system didn't power on! Always use the original psu cables, because manufacturers uses different pin out, on purpose!
Carbon Gaming
Carbon Gaming 22 күн мурун
The reason the sea sonic doesn’t work is cus they suck.
Plan A
Plan A 22 күн мурун
"Punch a baby"? Hahahaa!! That's never ok but this one time... legit. I know you won't do it so I punched a cabbage patch doll for ya to maintain your integrity. Can I have your 6900? Thanks for the vid, ripped my hair out and laughed my ass off.
Taite Cole
Taite Cole 22 күн мурун
The time on the monitor was 420!? 8:28
Gillis Evans
Gillis Evans 22 күн мурун
4:27, thats what she said
N.R.D 23 күн мурун
8:39 It got signal at 420 lol
Ferlax Gaming
Ferlax Gaming 23 күн мурун
I wish i can have the rtx 3080........
John Richard
John Richard 23 күн мурун
8:38 4/20 Blaze it!
Christian Temelkoski
Christian Temelkoski 23 күн мурун
Displayport Cable: "Do you have any last words before you unplug my connector?" *unplug* Bitwit "No."
Empire Royale
Empire Royale 23 күн мурун
build log... build-log...bui-log... blog.. OMG THIS IS A BLOG?!?!
ZappYoDumbAzz 23 күн мурун
bro i would have thrown the BIGGEST TANTRUM if i went through that much trouble all behind a fucking video cable
Ben Karn
Ben Karn 23 күн мурун
Sometimes gpu drivers can get really buggy and conflict with another because their uninstallation process isn't very good and can linger after being "uninstalled". theres software thats easy to use out there that can scrape out all old gpu drivers 100% and that might help. i know this because i've had to use them in the past to swap from nvidia to amd and it has helped solve issues
ZappYoDumbAzz 23 күн мурун
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