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I'm hiring a video editor! If you're interested, read below to see if you qualify and how to apply.
-Live in the U.S.
-Be at least 18 years old.
-Have a sufficient internet connection to download large files in a timely manner.
-Be capable of adhering to strict guidelines and deadlines.
-Be an excellent communicator.
-Have a well-versed knowledge of tech, specifically DIY PC knowledge
-Be proficient in Adobe Photoshop
-Be proficient in Adobe After Effects
-Have experience editing for other KGpostrs
-Have your own equipment for editing
-Put “Video Editor Application” in the email subject/title
-Include resume with at least THREE references (can’t be friends or family)
-Include cover letter describing yourself & your experience
-Include DEMO REEL and/or real examples of your work
-Send email to
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BECOME A MEMBER - Because perks.
-Link for iOS users:
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Bitwit Ай мурун
Best of luck to everyone who applies! Btw wondering why I'm wearing a hat? Watch this video:
Andy 11 күн мурун
@Bruce Firstly, you have NO idea how much it pays. Secondly, it's not "attitude"; this is the prerequisites this potential employer is looking for. Get over yourself.
MXkeyless Club
MXkeyless Club 17 күн мурун
I have 950 Down speed
Gannon Best
Gannon Best 29 күн мурун
I have no qualifications when can I start?
Bruce Ай мурун
What a terrible demanding attitude for such a lowly paid position.
Doug Tilaran
Doug Tilaran 3 күн мурун
Nah. People who have pegboard NAH
Jazmento 3 күн мурун
I am 1 years old and I live in Antarctica, damn I was close
leroy lynch
leroy lynch 3 күн мурун
furstenfeldbruck 15 күн мурун
I am a 10+ year video editor but my internet is trash 😂
CMBHim 15 күн мурун
Hey look at my pc part picker list Cal
MagnificentPez 18 күн мурун
besides not being able to fit any of the requirements, I am a pro
Stuff 25 күн мурун
Damn I wish I was a god with Adobe pro
Myk SJ
Myk SJ 26 күн мурун
yeah if only i was living in the United States.. damn 😪😥😥
ArachnidiaC 26 күн мурун
Do a video on all the troll applications you are getting.
Krund Just_Krund
Krund Just_Krund 26 күн мурун
Well I don't edit videos but I'm a test engineer contracted to microsoft...i'm sure you got...uh...a position for me...yeah? I'm also...a..uh..pretty cool....guy...
Harrow 27 күн мурун
My guy what you need really need is a Camera man *Person*
Itchytastyplays 27 күн мурун
I can edit stuff....sandwiches I know how to make a mean bologna sandwich!
E Man
E Man 27 күн мурун
Hire Lyle!!!! Dude needs a permanent job!
Philip Roberts
Philip Roberts 28 күн мурун
I'd never work for this tool
tommy aronson
tommy aronson Ай мурун
Lesson: never let your wife edit your videos
connor shaw
connor shaw Ай мурун
If i was 18 i think of be good but I'm only 17 and i want to learn Adobe stuff n things. I'm pretty knowledgeable in pc parts seeing as my dad does this constantly
chad olson
chad olson Ай мурун
What is the pay or benefits I've been following you for a long time
OffseT. Ай мурун
P.s. the video is the interview. Just to put it out there. Bitwit would agree.
-Ꮆ凵尺凵- Ай мурун
Bruh if i would get a chance to edit kyles vids i would die from happiness...
Bruce Ай мурун
Dude sounds extremely demanding and has obviously let his KGpost "fame" get to his head, even though his actual skill set is quite limited Building pcs is no major accomplishment. Is anyone actually surprised that wifey sauce is gone?????
Myk Q
Myk Q 19 күн мурун
Try to find a multi-million subscriber youtube channel who has one main person in which that said person isn't well versed in video production, editing, time and business management. I'll wait
Sebastian S
Sebastian S Ай мурун
You're looking a bit skinnier was this because of the video editing?
DOICES Life Ай мурун
Oof I'm a Resolve editor
Georgios Leventis
Georgios Leventis Ай мурун
Why US resident though?
Lucky Rabbit
Lucky Rabbit Ай мурун
Sounds like the old editor was working on more than just story telling.
FlyingFeesh Ай мурун
I am 3 years old, I have 5 bytes/s internet speed, uh whats a premiere pro, I have over due homework from 2 weeks ago, and 437 unread messages. I live in the U.S tho, would love to work with you guys 👍 reach out
Bruce Ай мурун
That's awesome dude -- exactly what he wants to see after laying out such "tough" qualifications for the job=)
Waiting On Alice
Waiting On Alice Ай мурун
this seems... demanding, hope the pay is equally so.
GeometryRain Ай мурун
Not 18 dammit. Wtf, It's not like I'd be editing porn. I hope not at least.
Isra men
Isra men Ай мурун
US ONLY! in such a big world, your limiting yourself in such a big way!
Snowyy Ай мурун
Everyone in the comments is either “ Darn so close only 6 requirements away” or “ I have all those skills but editing sucks”
igamingpublic Ай мурун
lol he looks serious.
David Jennings
David Jennings Ай мурун
I would love this if my pc didn't die on me recently.
Xeroverzee Ай мурун
Sucks that I'm terrible at editing otherwise would be into this
Chad Calhoun
Chad Calhoun Ай мурун
I have no experience but I would like to apply.
Steel Steez
Steel Steez Ай мурун
Damnit. I am only 9 but have more experience than candidates 5x my age.
Human of earth
Human of earth Ай мурун
Iv got A hdmi cable to plug stuff in when can I start
Sage TX
Sage TX Ай мурун
Please roast the applicants that cannot follow basic instructions. I would love this video. Good project for first video editor project.
Bison Ай мурун
Shit I have all the hardware and internet just not the experience
skyhawk311 Ай мурун
No one wants to work with this guy and want to be bothered by his issues
Lakshay A
Lakshay A Ай мурун
I appreciate the fact the title is, Work With Me' and not 'Work For Me'. Congrats to the lucky person who gets the opportunity!
Lanks Ай мурун
I'd apply, but I don't even know how to read
RiotGaming Ай мурун
Dam you've lost weight. Looking good still. Keep up the good work!!
Dluxe Ай мурун
oooh this is interesting - must live in the u.s Aight, ima head out
Kamogelo Leshaba
Kamogelo Leshaba Ай мурун
NGL his videos don't need that much skill honestly
0nebigworm Ай мурун
to bad i suck at editing!
conchkritz Ай мурун
sad davinci resolve noises
Keith Merrow
Keith Merrow Ай мурун
I meet every single requirement, and I'm certified in Premeire Pro. AAS in Multimedia, over a decade of professional experience, full production studio at home. Too bad editing is THE WORST. haha
UPRISE Ай мурун
Go on hmmm gmail
UPRISE Ай мурун
Nice i wash he gets u in U seem nice and creative for some reason
Isra men
Isra men Ай мурун
I Love editing but as a job hell no
JustHunter Ай мурун
this man wants someone to replace wifeysauce's job. rip.
Yasuo Mayhem
Yasuo Mayhem Ай мурун
He lost a lot of that single life though.
Frank The Tank
Frank The Tank Ай мурун
"Proficient in Adobe software" Well I don't mean to brag but...I once managed to use premiere without it crashing for a whole hour!
Frank The Tank
Frank The Tank Ай мурун
Quick question, but why are you looking for specifically a US citizen? Just asking because I wonder if it has anything to do with the law. As an editor of a modest 3 years of experience who meets all your requirements, I'd personally recommend being more open to non-American editors too. You might have an easier time having a much larger pool to choose from; for some reason a lot of great freelance editors I met are filipino for example. If you require them to already have good internet connection then the only other reason I can think of is being able to communicate more conveniently in the roughly the same timezone. I used to work from the UK and not a single one of my clients were British, and it was never a problem; but now I'm wondering if I could possibly have gotten in trouble for doing something like that..
Shadow Hound
Shadow Hound Ай мурун
Bummer I don’t have premiere pro I use pinnical. Dream squished. Oh well.
Rudy Ай мурун
I would working for GPU 30's series ... but no luck Im hearing impair .
me0262 Ай мурун
You need to poach Phil from JayzTwoCents.
Madi Brutal
Madi Brutal Ай мурун
Thank you Kyle for creating a new job for the community.
Neil Nabwani
Neil Nabwani Ай мурун
Change thumbnail
Jesse Cruz
Jesse Cruz Ай мурун
This man has seemingly never gotten a haircut since I subbed to him as Awesomesauce Network. And then this. Not to talk shit but this is what happens when you seperate, don't do things you never did it just gives them more of a reason to leave.
Milan Stanimirovic
Milan Stanimirovic Ай мурун
He looks good tho tf, he looks better now and healthier for some homo
Ethen Hunt
Ethen Hunt Ай мурун
Dude im definitely your man 100% but there's two problems ....#1.I dont know how to edit #2. I live in ireland ....damn a man can dream though
Bob The Zombie OP
Bob The Zombie OP Ай мурун
I WOULD APPLY.................. if i wasn't a vegas user
Emilio Talattad
Emilio Talattad Ай мурун
I want to edit😃
gridokun Ай мурун
He's getting miserable day by day
Brandon Hollingsworth
Brandon Hollingsworth Ай мурун
Who the fuck has references that aren't friends or family? Include resume with at least THREE references (can’t be friends or family)
Kukri187 Ай мурун
You use bosses, coworkers, and other professional contacts for references.
Toppzi Ай мурун
I know how to edit with Windows Movie maker! Hire me!
ElocNeb Ай мурун
i wish i lived in the US :(((( absolute dream job!
Cohzys Ай мурун
What if you use after effects?
Rando Nut
Rando Nut Ай мурун
Man I sure could use a job I could work from home with but I don't even know how to edit my own videos LOL!!!
Keiffy75 Games
Keiffy75 Games Ай мурун
Big Shoes to fill!
Daniel McCracken
Daniel McCracken Ай мурун
Wont apply, don't fit the criteria, but the pc part picker list line at the end was pure gold. Happy hunting, Kyle.
Kollakaran Ай мурун
Imagine that editor doesn't use ssd
Gameplay Ай мурун
I can but i am far away
Doug Rabbit
Doug Rabbit Ай мурун
I once stayed at holiday inn express.
sam. Ай мурун
me plz!
James Bond 007
James Bond 007 Ай мурун
I applied. I use Microsoft Paint. So wish me luck!
Crazyrudie Ай мурун
Sounds like a six figure job.
Neek Ай мурун
Lmao he expecting too much
Daniel Y
Daniel Y Ай мурун
Media Blasters, Inc AnimeWorks Kitty Media Tokyo Shock Shriek Show
Psyberunner Ай мурун
thedrumman2019 Ай мурун
I'm sorry but the references can't even be friends? Sorry but a reference is supposed to be someone you know and work with that knows how you work and shit. So it kinda has to be a friend of somesort
thedrumman2019 Ай мурун
@Kukri187 and if youre friends with your bosses and co-workers?😂
Kukri187 Ай мурун
or a coworker, boss or professional contact.
Vinny Ай мурун
Dang, I wish I was a video editor. :)
Mike G
Mike G Ай мурун
are you doing ok Kyle, you seem to have dropped weight really fast, remember we're always here if you need us down in the comments
M M Ай мурун
Chris Coreas
Chris Coreas Ай мурун
Looking up " How to use Pr. " lol
M M Ай мурун
Need to be in USA if work is 100% remote?
Gaurav Uniyal
Gaurav Uniyal Ай мурун
'a' not 'many' note this.
Ethereal Nate
Ethereal Nate Ай мурун
I had my pen and paper ready to take down requirements then he said must be a US resident, I am hurt
heyguyslol GAMING
heyguyslol GAMING Ай мурун
I meet like NONE of your position requirements but I have done a little video editing for some PornHub vids.
_ JJ _
_ JJ _ Ай мурун
I live In The uk I’m under 18 I have the worst internet in the world I still edit on vn editor and I movie I can’t afford premier pro All my teacher say I am a bad listener I always have my phone on silent WHen will I start working???
Alex Szurkus
Alex Szurkus Ай мурун
Dang I meet all the requirements except that stupid over 18 rule
Nionity Ай мурун
Just if i lived in USA.. ugh
frikbert Ай мурун
Bitwit Media Group VS. Linus Media Group
Dark doodle Noodle
Dark doodle Noodle Ай мурун
I would do it but my laptop just died forever, and my pc isn’t done
RC DYCE Ай мурун
Damn I got way better at editing but I'm underage currently 15 so that's a big oof but keep it up man
RGMUFC1 Ай мурун
Oh editing, i love editing with premiere pro, but i only do simple stuff, couse it's fun. Yeah time consuming it really is, even with simple editing i spend like 40 min. on 15 min. long video. Yup it's really time consuming. Especially with what kind quality demand youtubers and i'm from good luck to one who will accept this.
TH4TK1D Ай мурун
I would submit but I'm only 12 and very bad at editing
ImToasty Ай мурун
Is it just me or did he get thinner
Tio Nino
Tio Nino Ай мурун
I heard the Verge guy is looking for a job.
Coyote x
Coyote x Ай мурун
is mayonnaise a requirement?
NORSHAR Ай мурун
Unfortunatly not a us resident
Lone Wolf EX
Lone Wolf EX Ай мурун
I'd love to apply, but my reqs fall apart at "Advanced." I taught myself Premiere 4 months ago to make this channel, and the only work I've done elsewhere was in design, not editing. GGs to whoever gets a dream job.
vasco valente
vasco valente Ай мурун
Why don´t you hire that guy from the verge video ?
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