This FINALLY made me a believer in monitor stands......

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16 күн мурун

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bryan diel
bryan diel 6 саат мурун
This is nice, but oohh the price!! I went with Allsop Riser stands. they are basic, but sturdy, and not too pricey!!
AmazFam900 7 саат мурун
Terrence Lewis
Terrence Lewis 20 саат мурун
Mike B
Mike B 22 саат мурун
$330 for this... I'd rather spend that extra $330 on the monitor
dogo 23 саат мурун
Video appeared as an ad 0-0
GoodGamer3000 Күн мурун
Why is this an ad lol
Silent P
Silent P 2 күн мурун
RAGHAV SAMPATH 3 күн мурун
POV: your a subscriber and got an ad
João Mendonça
João Mendonça 3 күн мурун
Can you make a $1000 budget desktop build for 2021?
Sk Roochi
Sk Roochi 3 күн мурун
not worth the price
EZKYT 3 күн мурун
Pov: your poor and your watching this video wishing you had one ;-;
Chris Partridge
Chris Partridge 4 күн мурун
Neat *checks price* Lol
EnderFrost 4 күн мурун
I'm so confused what's with the multiple sponsors
Dee xGretchx
Dee xGretchx 4 күн мурун
you can definitely tell you are one of those dudes who talks with his hands like its painting a picture but in reality its only you seeing said picture lol.
Mr. Caligos
Mr. Caligos 5 күн мурун
I couldn't unsee that terrible cable management under your desk and the floor.
gamerater4 5 күн мурун
my asrock z390m pro4 also does not have wifi or bluetooth
TheBaconAmigo 5 күн мурун
This is the first time I’ve seen Kyle show his video as an ad.
Jose Coyote
Jose Coyote 5 күн мурун
I know right lol
Liam Andrejcak
Liam Andrejcak 5 күн мурун
Triggs 5 күн мурун
For 329 us dollars they can literally go suck a butt
المذيب 6 күн мурун
Another shadey website that sells keys for less...
Ejext 6 күн мурун
I was ready to go and buy it untill it said $269 which isn't out of my price range at all but Im not spending that much untill I get my new setup
Joshua Gray
Joshua Gray 6 күн мурун
Other brands offer essentially the same product for 1/3 to 1/2 the price on Amazon. All of the same features, just no wifi, bluetooth, fingerprint, and maybe not RGB, which you could add yourself for like $10. It's cool, but absolutely shop around. You're paying a ton for the wifi / bluetooth and fingerprint stuff. For most people, those aren't entirely necessary, so don't spend more for things you won't use.
Brendon B
Brendon B 6 күн мурун
Lol, they put a big picture of you on their Amazon page.
J Enigma
J Enigma 6 күн мурун
yeah I just purchased a key from them and it didn't work and customer support isn't getting back to me :( Your promo worked tho lol edit: NEVER MIND, I talked to customer service and they gave me a new code aahaaahaa. It does work
Beni 6 күн мурун
Very nice!
Noah Goldman
Noah Goldman 7 күн мурун
seems pretty sweet, def lots of functions I bought a ergotron hx for my setup because it has the words ergot and tron in it. Jk I just wanted my monitor to look like it was part of GLaDOS
Hookshot 7 күн мурун
why is this an ad
NEOS Mincraft
NEOS Mincraft 7 күн мурун
Where’s the pc
Hector Solis
Hector Solis 7 күн мурун
I like it
Jiaxi hao
Jiaxi hao 7 күн мурун
This is not related but I remember a vid he have back then where he suggested a wiki card with Bluetooth, but I can't find it and I really really want it rn can someone help me or bitwit?
SLIX XV 8 күн мурун
hey bitwit, im currently using a Pre_built PC and I don't know much about what's in it except for i know there is a 1030 GPU and im really wanting to upgrade soon and I want to stream because im a rainbow six siege player and i currently sit at 70 frames max, so if you could help with any tips that would be great or any help at all would be cool
Wholesome Donut
Wholesome Donut 19 саат мурун
You might want to wait to upgrade. It wont be easy finding a good gpu without spending more than what your setup costs.
ShineyPikachu 8 күн мурун
hey can anyone recommend a good data vac for blowing out my cpu and such?
TettteT 8 күн мурун
Overpriced. Looks easy to DIY for less than the half the price.
Crispy FR
Crispy FR 8 күн мурун
Can you show us the editing bay?
Tim Longson
Tim Longson 8 күн мурун
Request for a new game changing review: actively water cooled GPU BACKplates! EK have added a TRUE active cooling backplate (the "EK-Quantum Vector RE RTX 3080/3090 Active Backplate D-RGB - Plexi" with EK Product EAN: 3831109836460), rather than just being an unappealing metal plate is actively and visibly water cooled with its own water block and has RGB (don't mix this up with their "founder addition only" unit, with the rear water in/out, as those dont have the water cooling block, and their wording is just hype). Could you please do a review/comparison between the default backplates on GPU waterblocks with active water cooled backplate, to see what temperature difference there is? Maybe for comparison, compare how the EK specifically made for EK frontplates active watercooled backplate compares to the mp5works "generic" water (SKU: GPU-BPC-SERIAL-KIT-CLEAR) cooled backplate (which is quite limited as it has to fit on top of all the existing back of all GPU backplates, rather than having a cooling block touching the rear of the GPU components directly) - I heard even the mp5works "fit any backplate" managed to an average of a 10 degrees C drop, with much greater overclocking stability. So really excited to see a proper active water cooled backplate designed to work with the active water cool frontplate. Could be a "game changer", very literally. ;)
jakeakathejackass 8 күн мурун
Bruh your in a ad
Coolio Ash
Coolio Ash 8 күн мурун
You add rgb and suddenly it's the best thing ever
Aaron Rosales
Aaron Rosales 9 күн мурун
Hi i wanna start gaming on pc but i don't know anything about pc and stuff ao if anyone can help me i would appreciate that thx for you're time
Baltimore Shipspotting
Baltimore Shipspotting 9 күн мурун
Today I learned monitor stands are a belief system.
George Dunbar
George Dunbar 9 күн мурун
I just put my monitor ontop of a rackmount PDU (the kind with switches on front) so I can flip all the LEDs on my periph devices (monitors, speakers, power bricks, etc) off before bed. It works.
PhilipJFry 9 күн мурун
I can see why you didn’t say the price in the video😂
Arontewewutpnetewuwututurututew Ucuhohohehucucutuh
Arontewewutpnetewuwututurututew Ucuhohohehucucutuh 9 күн мурун
right now its $100 for the cheopest option btw
Niu Cha jianfan
Niu Cha jianfan 9 күн мурун
LOL I didn't know Intel will stop sending your review CPUs if you break up with your girlfriend
Alan Dauer
Alan Dauer 9 күн мурун
Using a table in 2021? You're a pleb, bitwit. Go learn some engineering before you waste more of your life on substandard ideas like this.
James Pierson
James Pierson 9 күн мурун
I have a glass one, that is basically just that. A stand. It does have USB 2, but I don’t currently have it connected, but I do have a USB 3 dock mounted to it. I’d definitely use a stand like this one. I don’t need the WiFi, but BT would be nice. The RGB looks good. The fingerprint reader for Hello is something I’d use as well.
Sad 10 күн мурун
sell out
Dat Boii
Dat Boii 10 күн мурун
this is cool and all, but nothing compared to being subscribed to WRKHRS3
stephen mihell
stephen mihell 10 күн мурун
hi kyle, i hope your doing well and being strong. i would like to say thankyou for your channels, i built my son a gaming pc for the first time in lockdown it turned out great. thankyou
RADER FPV 10 күн мурун
I'll stick with my $45 gas-filled monitor arm, but I do like the looks of this one a lot.
Matt21fps 10 күн мурун
I'm using the same wallpaper
Milk Boi
Milk Boi 10 күн мурун
I don't know why but when someone has a succulent on their desk I instantly like them a little less :(
Eliot Rulez
Eliot Rulez 10 күн мурун
And where is the link for the bluetooth speaker?
LegendarySkypenis 10 күн мурун
Tooo expensive , I would rather make my own.
Rehman Tech Tips
Rehman Tech Tips 10 күн мурун
his wi fi is ATTz6Rkh3A u see that on ur phone for wifi u know that ur near kyle
vJager 10 күн мурун
I'm building a PC right now and during the USB 3 cable installation for my case, I pulled out the plastic header socket that surrounded the pins. None of the pins where physically damaged such as being bent. The plastic socket was still attached to the cable head when it was removed, I managed to push the entire cable and header back onto the pins with no issues. I pulled it out once again which I know is not the best idea, but I did this to make sure no cables were damaged or bent while pushing the cable back in. I once again pushed the cable along with the header back onto the pins, with no issues. I do not know if I messed up my motherboard or not. I currently do not have the PSU in hand due to shipping delays, but I am worried I may have broken the socket/pins. Anyone know if I am just overthinking it? Please help I am a first time builder.
GinoBrand05 10 күн мурун
Very Rad, just missing a card reader..
GamingDerp 11 күн мурун
369 for a monitor stand. Well when you are spending 200 and 100 on a keyboard and mouse its seems normal.
ItsKingLuck 11 күн мурун
I wanted to ask if you have a 1050 ti for sale for its original price?
ellelleff 11 күн мурун
kyle, some of us are very tall and the max height adjustment of the built in monitor stand isn't tall enough. - sincerely my nordic genes
ginormous.m 11 күн мурун
I hate you
Ded Boi
Ded Boi 11 күн мурун
I wish i had a pc
Lorenzo Usai
Lorenzo Usai 11 күн мурун
Do a university/college student PC build
Michael Welps
Michael Welps 11 күн мурун
I like ya old cut G
Matthew Wyers
Matthew Wyers 11 күн мурун
I gotta stand off of Amazon net similar doesn't have the fingerprint scanner does have the Wi-Fi charger that has multiple USB and type C ports there's no Wi-Fi built into it
Cory Graham
Cory Graham 12 күн мурун
Hey Bitwit! What’s your opinion on the NZXT H510 elite? I’m planning a build with the rog b450 f with a ryzen 5 3600
maY 12 күн мурун
Wow. What an overpriced piece of dongle. I'd rather buy those things it offers seperately and pay far less than half. And for the 150+$ i save i buy a fleet of Raspis or so to connect to it. 280$ is more expensive than most people's desk itself.
Ro80Cop Jeffries
Ro80Cop Jeffries 12 күн мурун
I've been looking for a monitor stand! My desk is just a hair short and I find myself Hutchins a lot. But 329 for the max and 229 for the pro seems steep to me
Chris Crowder
Chris Crowder 12 күн мурун
I'm sorry your wife cheated on you, Kyle. 😰
Jose Garza
Jose Garza 12 күн мурун
Hey Kyle, you should try making a video on a 6800XT pcpartpicker list
OG Negasus 27
OG Negasus 27 12 күн мурун
Hey Kyle (Bitwit), I have a problem with my PC. I built my first PC, and then when I put my speaker wire + and - into the control panel wires section on the motherboard, it starts beeping, can you tell me what the problem is.
diskgrind 12 күн мурун
I like it a lot! Great functions! I would use it all day long.
diskgrind 12 күн мурун
As far back as the 90's I had stands and I even made several dozen custom acrylic stands as well from my work.
LiK 12 күн мурун
I was interested until I saw the price. Geez
qwertywest 12 күн мурун
Yeah except it’s as expensive as an msrp 2060
jon scot
jon scot 12 күн мурун
never used satnds, always VESA mount them to the wall with 3 way pivot arms, the desk is only for clutter.
Tom _
Tom _ 12 күн мурун
330 dollar monitor stand.... NOPE.
trace schroeder
trace schroeder 12 күн мурун
2 reams of paper baby! old school :)
Amin Sono
Amin Sono 12 күн мурун
ANYONE know if the CD thing key is ligit, looks sketch as hell
isaiah cruz
isaiah cruz 12 күн мурун
i need that wallpaper!
Stay Frosty029
Stay Frosty029 12 күн мурун
I had a moment with the demonstration of the fingerprint scanner
Alex Hodson
Alex Hodson 12 күн мурун
I think it's cool but probably wouldn't pay more than $100 for it.
Nathan 12 күн мурун
Hooray! Expensive Garbage you can DIY for $30
Outtheredude 13 күн мурун
My monitor stand's made of solid wood.
The Nuke1
The Nuke1 13 күн мурун
Stopped watching these videos a month ago, wanted to see if things got better and Jesus this poor guy looks wrecked... Nothing but pain in his eyes and its bumming the efff out.... This guy needs help and fast.... I feel for him I really do but man he looks like a mess....
Greggory Wri
Greggory Wri 13 күн мурун
I left for a few months i come back and kyle is skinnier and looking better. Im in a I.T class in 11th grade and glad to have him as a channel to help.
Tez 13 күн мурун
half the time my mouse hand is just under or slightly behind my monitor, this would not work for me
sanirb 13 күн мурун
I am look to build a new pc but the pc market is to high can someone give me ideas for pc parts budgate 1500$
ray taylor
ray taylor 13 күн мурун
bitwit now doing scam key sponsors now?
Gregory Soto
Gregory Soto 13 күн мурун
If I had the space for it, I would totally buy this.
Brent T
Brent T 13 күн мурун
Does the screen on your note 20U scratch easily? I've owned 4 notes and the 20U is the only one that has scratches on it from normal use.
aliensaxophone 13 күн мурун
Really cool product! But not available in the european amazon / amazon NL. So they have to first start offering it across the ocean (the tax and import duty make a US buy not so attractive..
aliensaxophone 13 күн мурун
I really love the phone charging and docking function and how it hides the cables more than the more open versions (or tha a4 paper stack :P)
Jul Dylan
Jul Dylan 13 күн мурун
Oh well, time to unsubscribe I guess. Bye now.
XDeadzX 13 күн мурун
These docks seem real useful, I love the ports and bluetooth addition given how rare bluetooth actually is for desktop PCs. However that price tho -- would really prefer an option that was a little more cut back. No wifi, no rgb maybe? Or those are probably the cheapest parts of the entire thing so it wouldn't cut the price enough to matter.
David Cremeans
David Cremeans 13 күн мурун
Yea not for $260 sorry.
David Mitchell
David Mitchell 13 күн мурун
Nice video Kyle, no problem with that! I do have a problem with that startup price for those things. Give me a slab of oak, an RGB strip, USB-Hub, and a wireless phone charger and I’ll build something for half the cost.
Rob Towell
Rob Towell 13 күн мурун
I really e e idea, but it needs to be about 4" taller. I prefer the top of my screen to be about 1-2" above my eyes and the room under the screen is for storing stuff. PS: The shame of those cables under your desk.
Jeremy Sutton
Jeremy Sutton 13 күн мурун
One thing I didn't catch in the video, and I don't see on LanQ's website - what, if any, RGB ecosystems is the PCDock Pro Max compatible with? If additional RGB is your thing, that feature is great. However, the lack of interoperability between various ecosystems is frustrating, and whether or not this stand works with your existing RGB controls may be an important determinant to some consumers.
cpt_Crazy 21
cpt_Crazy 21 13 күн мурун
Does this video really contain 3 promos in 1 its brought to us by 3 companies 😂😂😂
Judson Hardage
Judson Hardage 13 күн мурун
Ur TikTok got hacked
itzLogics 13 күн мурун
bro gvg mall has them for 15$
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