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iplayrpgs1337z 3 күн мурун
pug in the 4 pin and 8 pin
Wood Work Wally
Wood Work Wally 10 күн мурун
what fans are they please? i like those :D
Noah 10 күн мурун
grammar error in title personal personal computer
Gamer Bros
Gamer Bros 18 күн мурун
PC stands for personal computer so it means you have personal personal computer! XD
encooLOL 18 күн мурун
4:06 so no one is going to remind him about the links huh i really want to know what are those fans he is using they are gorg.
RetroKJEhret 21 күн мурун
Ur cpu power is unplugged
NoCrea 23 күн мурун
Finally he finished his personal personal computer
Asteroid 23 күн мурун
man rlly said "personal personal computer"
Nomadic 26 күн мурун
Congrats on finishing your personal personal computer 🙂
Gregory Dale Mostella
Gregory Dale Mostella 28 күн мурун
Worst Lowbob
Worst Lowbob 28 күн мурун
Nice to hear I'm not the only one having issues with single components in almost every built once it's finished. I am clad your rig isn't working. :D
BestUevers Gaming Channel
BestUevers Gaming Channel 28 күн мурун
Can you put normal drinking water in the pc?
BestUevers Gaming Channel
BestUevers Gaming Channel 28 күн мурун
For liquid cooling of course
Uniqux Destroys
Uniqux Destroys 29 күн мурун
Slick deals is basically the same as honey
HEXX Ай мурун
amd gpu problems, im in the same boat. currently running 5700 XT and going to microcenter mon morn to get 3060ti
Michael Ruiz
Michael Ruiz Ай мурун
It’s sick as hell my dude.
Pinky Ай мурун
Hey, Kyle you inspired me to build my first pc and it actually booted surprisingly
Hugo Sanchez
Hugo Sanchez Ай мурун
Nice!!! Where did you buy the PSU cables?
BigMan Tech
BigMan Tech Ай мурун
Did you notice the 8 PIN PCIE power cord not being plugged in?
Damien Ай мурун
14:50 waa sounds like work. I'm joking, I get it
Open ID
Open ID Ай мурун
Great build ❤️
Jared Lourens
Jared Lourens Ай мурун
why is the Cpu power not plugged in?? may that be the reason
LeoAleksVlogs Ай мурун
maybe the riser cable is the problem?
Joey Bolton
Joey Bolton Ай мурун
Who else saw the leak at 8:21? top right of the vertical tubing next to the fans.
Ben Bouissieres Music
Ben Bouissieres Music Ай мурун
Should use a 3090. That way you can use DLSS which will help a lot with the triple 4k monitors.
Torkatsuki Ай мурун
eww randeon nopt gud nvidao better ur nbio at pc bildeing
Carl Tiede
Carl Tiede Ай мурун
POV: you see all these funny comments about ad spot for corsair. There isn't an ad spot for corsair when you get to that point in the vid :(
matthew moi
matthew moi Ай мурун
wait what is his qpu
Paradise Yoshi
Paradise Yoshi Ай мурун
what happend to the case?
Mags_Dies Ай мурун
everyone knows that there are mathematical equations for bending tubing right?
Mike Ай мурун
eww Radeon
Raffy Ай мурун
So hot
Kids Bahhur
Kids Bahhur Ай мурун
cpu isnt plugged in
ojirmr Ай мурун
Have you tried different pcie riser for that 6900xt with working psu?
PilotPuffmen Ай мурун
why is the starting video ad put in at 9 minutes? lol longest intro ever
Chinstrap Ай мурун
Imagine been good at building PCs
Joe Kesler
Joe Kesler Ай мурун
i saw a leak , anyone else catch that
Joseph Stradling
Joseph Stradling Ай мурун
Excellent build! I'm sure you'll figure out the culprit soon with a little trouble shooting. Super clean!
james alderson
james alderson Ай мурун
pipes just sat there leaking through video lol
Munchkin Matt
Munchkin Matt Ай мурун
Riser cable maybe? I don't know. I'm a potato of a PC builder.
Chris Divino
Chris Divino Ай мурун
mans needs some flex tape at 4:45
Nelson Deese
Nelson Deese Ай мурун
Power supply blew the fuse on the GPU. I had an Antec PSU do that to me.
Chosen Ай мурун
looks sexy
Djangus Roundstone
Djangus Roundstone Ай мурун
Your definition of finished is...interesting lol
Ali Khadem
Ali Khadem Ай мурун
Fair enough
Carson Tuttle
Carson Tuttle Ай мурун
if you cant get it to work you should just give it to me lol
70s porn music 🎶
tiimo Ай мурун
1:44 bah mon reuf c’est quoi cette pub ?
RC from the NYC
RC from the NYC Ай мурун
Ah, the eternal battle of style over substance. To choose to choose...
Abdullah Ай мурун
make it swim ~
Graham Galloway
Graham Galloway Ай мурун
What motherboard is that
Fauzan TC
Fauzan TC Ай мурун
that is so cool bro 🥺
Fauzan TC
Fauzan TC Ай мурун
i wish i have high end GPU 🥲
Tao Technique
Tao Technique Ай мурун
The CPU power is unplugged on the mobo. Im sure it does not have anything to do with the problem. Just an observation. Awesome build, i hope it works out in the end.
RipDaPip Ай мурун
simplest solution would be to test the card directly connected to the mobo, instead of thru a riser, then see which part is failing, or if it is just the riser inbetween, saves you from tearing everything apart, just use flexible tubing to test it
Radioaktywne Fale Radiowe
Radioaktywne Fale Radiowe Ай мурун
Thats why I don't want to watercool my pc
cookiez Ай мурун
stay single my friends until your 100% sure. so you don't look like the boss battle has just defeated you for the 100th time during the divorce. :)
Harshvardhan Kulkarni
Harshvardhan Kulkarni Ай мурун
Gorgeous.... The build.. not you.. but Yay! ... Kyle's back...
Mat Zuydam
Mat Zuydam Ай мурун
coming from a Miners experiance. you can blow the gpu if it recieves power from the PCIE slot but not the 8pin slots. so from what you have said. if your system gave everything power including the riser. but the 8pins didnt give power. the gpu is dead.
Clau GM CMG AND PC STUF !!! Ай мурун
hrad kore 10 k pc tha shizel ... on tha weezel
Mitchell Goldstein
Mitchell Goldstein Ай мурун
Did i just see it fuckin leaking?
Aiden Brisbane
Aiden Brisbane Ай мурун
Use a 3090
Nick Eggleton
Nick Eggleton Ай мурун
4:44 did anyone else see the leak?
Anthony Ortiz
Anthony Ortiz Ай мурун
This is the definition build of *just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it*
Ahmed Omar
Ahmed Omar Ай мурун
U didn’t power the cpu 😤😤
Ahmed Omar
Ahmed Omar Ай мурун
That’s why it didn’t post 🙃
Onyx RS
Onyx RS Ай мурун
An AMD GPU randomly stopped working? Weird! That never happens! Oh wait...
bens Abraham
bens Abraham Ай мурун
riser cable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
James Hill
James Hill Ай мурун
ribbon cable! I had that happen on my Core 3
houston dolezal
houston dolezal Ай мурун
Love your builds I cant wait to see it post and hung on the wall. Iwant to say thank you for all your videos. you inspired me to build my own pc. I have all the parts bought except the gpu and cpu. The gpu I'm trying to find is a GIGABYTE AORUS GeForce RTX 3070 Master 8G Graphics Card. But as we all know it's a challenge to find. But it's ok I can wait. so thank you for all videos Keep up the work.
Andrew Mitchell
Andrew Mitchell Ай мурун
Have you tried forcing the PCIe slot to x3? I've seen some AMD cards that are unhappy on riser cables when set to auto PCIe gen.
ŻÜÉ Ай мурун
Builds really big pc with water cooling: runs 100 frames (im not saying this pc but i see videos where its like a 3060 and its runs 100 frames)
ricoblade1984 Ай мурун
You need a Gen 4 Riser Cable my dude, had the same problem with my rx 6800. that fixed it:)
toastynotes Ай мурун
It looks excellent. Wall-mounted PCs are my favorite I think.
Hobbes Caltous
Hobbes Caltous Ай мурун
wtf are you using thermaltake for? do you WANT it to fail??
Phatt Jay
Phatt Jay Ай мурун
I saw that leak
Ahnilated Ahnilated
Ahnilated Ahnilated Ай мурун
Kyle, try the riser cable and plug in the PS to MB header in the top left that you have off in the video. If it isn't the riser cable then test the GPU on another MB outside the system or directly plugged in.
Shado2us Ай мурун
You do realize that you have OCD for your build, right Bitwit!!!
DaveKerk Ай мурун
At the end there, when we finally saw his face. His tone of voice was still the same, but his eyes are hurting. Dude. You're awesome. Don't forget that.
DimmosGeeknd Ай мурун
Faulty riser cable and unplugged cpu psu on motherboard
DexterIbanezctmlml Ай мурун
is the CPU, is dead. i haved the same problem and i've been waiting 2 years with anxiety + depression because of that so finally i can replace it for a R5 2600 and it works. black screen. no signal. was all dead. the CPU replacement fixed all that. my 1600X has physical damage because the shop who build my PC so no warranty and no solution anywhere. i haved to buy it from a secondhand reseller who buy it to other guy who buy it from AliExpress to Chile. no problems from June 22 2020. :D debiste haber probado todas las piezas antes de montarlas, para asegurarse de que estaban funcionando correctamente. :'v
Paul Ripper
Paul Ripper Ай мурун
dust magnet case
Orange de Orange
Orange de Orange Ай мурун
He's complaining about his awesome pc and I'm comparing about barely getting 30 fps in Fortnite.
Patrick Maleszewski
Patrick Maleszewski Ай мурун
Kyle, I had the same issue. My riser cable was 3.0 and the gpu is 4.0 pcie. Use the other gpu, and go I. Bios and change the pcie to gen 3 only and it should post!
Sinister [GD]
Sinister [GD] Ай мурун
DomDaBomb20 Ай мурун
My suggestions 1 just use air coolers But for real my other one is if the gpu is oriented this way there should be a pcie riser right? Maybe that’s broken
Chin Foh Hee
Chin Foh Hee Ай мурун
9:18 "But that's where we get in the bad stuff, so oh where do I begin" Corsair ad start.
Nelson Piedade
Nelson Piedade Ай мурун
hahahahahaha !R:M:A tath Brick hawfull GPU and get an decent RTX 2060Super from IGame Neptune.that one is already on water and is beautifull to the point tath you forget tah Hawfull amd gpu BRICK tingh!
Adrian R
Adrian R Ай мурун
That's a beautiful looking build. Pity about the posting issue.
Jonathan Velasco
Jonathan Velasco Ай мурун
Try using a different cable when I first hook up my 6800xt thought it want powering up but actually it was it is just not detecting my dp cable signal so tried hdmi and it worked. I don't know why.
NYJoe123456 Ай мурун
Definitely the riser cable! There is exactly one option on Amazon for a gen 4 riser. Goodluck!
freak777power Ай мурун
This build is stupid.
Soniya Gupta
Soniya Gupta Ай мурун
Gimme tha
Relevant Bambi
Relevant Bambi Ай мурун
can i have a pc
master vex pc
master vex pc Ай мурун
Also if bit of water ended up in PCIe on card side it might block of some recognition pons this thinking card is not installed ans since you didn't replace the raiser you didn't see it....or just raiser is dead and not the gpu
master vex pc
master vex pc Ай мурун
Does sistem has nvidia driver installed?
Semipro Hey
Semipro Hey Ай мурун
Typed in "ButtWit" and it still takes me here 😂
Liam Quaile
Liam Quaile Ай мурун
My personal personal computer.
SamuraiXyuk Ай мурун
Next build: underwater pc build
Yug vardhan Rishi
Yug vardhan Rishi Ай мурун
Nothing is working 😂😂 How it becomes complete build Its just home is made without power water supply 😂😂😂
Ken Huffman
Ken Huffman Ай мурун
Nice build! I think I would have re-thought the drain position though. Since It's going to be mounted to the wall, I'd figure out a place at the bottom.
Jrod'sTech Irvan
Jrod'sTech Irvan Ай мурун
No idea who's answered I didn't read comments. And, I didn't catch the whole video. When I installed my new 5800x with a new motherboard. MSI B550. I couldn't get anything to show just kept giving me a pci fault on the mobo. I had to flash the BIOS to a newer version. The board had a BIOS install button on the io. I turned everything off, made a usb BIOS flash thumb drive. With the power off I pushed the button. Waited for it to finish. Restarted everything was fine. The only reason I say this was because I also thought it was the video card because of the led troubleshooting led was pci fault.
Rock&Roll Ай мурун
In Texas they use fan instead of water cooler
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