Don't believe the lies. The RTX 3060 Ti is NOT here!

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4 ай мурун

Today we're taking a closer look at the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti, a $399 graphics card that you (probably) cannot buy.
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"The RTX 3060 Ti is here!" No, it's actually NOT.

Bitwit 4 ай мурун
The 3060 Ti officially "releases' on store shelves tomorrow, Dec. 2nd. I'll change the title if there seems to be more stock than with recent launches but I don't think I'm going to have to. We'll see...
Ridge 3 ай мурун
@Burningcanman not worth it, the 3060 ti is actually worth about the same as the 1060 what the heck anyway
Jose Aguayo
Jose Aguayo 3 ай мурун
1.1kth like 👍
Kiwicoasters 56
Kiwicoasters 56 4 ай мурун
SiNeeka 4 ай мурун
It was available here in Brazil for a short time for around 591 USD, then it sold out; then it became available again for 788 USD and is now out of stock as well :l Brazil is pretty much the worst country to be a gamer
Esteban R
Esteban R 4 ай мурун
This is gonna be a longshot but can I buy this off you?
Kenneth Lowe
Kenneth Lowe 5 күн мурун
just got msrp for evga ftw edition!
Tyronne Gabriel
Tyronne Gabriel Ай мурун
in our country i can get a 3070 for the price of a 3080 MSRP
Ghetto Arabino
Ghetto Arabino Ай мурун
0:07 if you look closely the plane just disappears
john whan
john whan Ай мурун
Nvidia and amd ccan both keep there SH--.The 3060 at best buy 100 dollars more than the release.The AMD 5600xt and there suky gpus are always out of stock.I personally will not pay.Ill play on a 3200g and call it good.Both AMD and Nvidia are plain theives and liars.
SpoopyCat Ай мурун
this one i ACTUALLY want to buy but i cant bc of retard scalpers
Christos K.
Christos K. Ай мурун
I copped one of these
Tom Wild
Tom Wild Ай мурун
You should put the cooler the other way cuz no Air will get to the pump ...just a tip
Tom Wild
Tom Wild Ай мурун
Is rtx really needed ? Cuz I just want to play ARK and try to budget build my 1st PC I want the Ryzen 5 5600 CPU
A guy that looks weird
A guy that looks weird Ай мурун
Got lucky enough to get a 3090
MrDiarjo Ай мурун
does anybody know when the gpu market will go back to ''normal'' ???!
Kort 2 ай мурун
How long should I upgrade my rtx 3060 ti PC if my graphics settings like ps5 and I am dont care if some games is 30 fps like the ps5 and the other consoles ??
Cr4zy Gam3r
Cr4zy Gam3r 2 ай мурун
I have one and for some reason it went from 140fps to 72 fps while playing warzone😭
Ditzed 2 ай мурун
Lies, I just got one for 400!
Ethan Staples
Ethan Staples 2 ай мурун
I really was wanting to buy the 1660 super for my first build... now the market is so tanked getting a 1080 ti costs over 500 USD. I hate people
Deion Chung
Deion Chung 2 ай мурун
Future0ne 2 ай мурун
ur telling me that on the division 2 1440p the rtx 3060 ti beats the 3070
Debra Johnson
Debra Johnson 2 ай мурун
got mine for 399
Debra Johnson
Debra Johnson 2 ай мурун
my girl got me one from best buy just use twitter and watch out for the tweet drops she got me a ps5 and 3060 ti this way
GaZe OpTamer
GaZe OpTamer 2 ай мурун
I got one! Im really happy!
Quix Nix
Quix Nix 2 ай мурун
I want 3060, guess it is time to wait for summer when they come back in stock
Abdul_x 2019
Abdul_x 2019 2 ай мурун
im watching this thanks to the 3060ti
korey 2 ай мурун
my question to you guys is wether or not the 3060ti is worth buying right now (I don’t care about balling out or playing at the highest graphics) I just wanna play Minecraft with shaders, play resident evil 8 and stream? 😭
SHADOW 2 ай мурун
Shawn Paul Zuccarello Asbury
Shawn Paul Zuccarello Asbury 2 ай мурун
I have it’s cool.
Floydz 2 ай мурун
Should I spend $550 on an rtx 3060 ti
Anshul Bajaj
Anshul Bajaj 2 ай мурун
Noahlizard7 2 ай мурун
If you buy above msrp you are the problem
stew 2 ай мурун
Gtx 1070 ultra Cyberpunk 2077, arus Z390 pro, i5 9600kf (stock), ddr4 16gb 3000, PSU 850w. 2077 plays good on my 65" 1080p TV. Depending on price it's probably 2070S as the prices are just crap in Australia for the 20 or 30 series cards, 30 series card at 400-500 US sounds great, but just double those prices and add you come close to Australia, 3060ti around AUD $1100. Great review cheers.
Liam _
Liam _ 2 ай мурун
Got a 3060ti from a dubai pc store
Wae_21 2 ай мурун
glad you said the truth in the beginning
Muhammad Zahid
Muhammad Zahid 2 ай мурун
this is going to happen every year now sed lyfe :(
Justin Babula
Justin Babula 2 ай мурун
if you get a custom built pc you can get it easy. I just bought a intel 10850k with Z490 mother board and the 3060ti. Any comments on that set up. wont have it for 3 weeks from the website I bought it from.
Bl4nkTr3x 2 ай мурун
I Will Stay with my Ryzen 7 1800x and my GTX 1080ti. Works to good on 1080p or even 1440p without raytracing.
PBnJ Tamwich FPV
PBnJ Tamwich FPV 2 ай мурун
Just got an Aorus Master 3060 ti at microcenter and I LOVE IT!!!
Ernest Domingo
Ernest Domingo 2 ай мурун
Gunner B
Gunner B 3 ай мурун
Is 600 over paying for one?
Jan Toplišek
Jan Toplišek 3 ай мурун
1 month later : *chirp, chirp*
Alexcia 3 ай мурун
"NOT IN STOCK" everywhere... but you can pre-order!(im in UK) i'll do that instead
Hot RL
Hot RL 2 ай мурун
Darnel Farnel
Darnel Farnel 3 ай мурун
idk why i’m looking at this, just spent 450 on parts not like i’m gonna get this anytime soon
Mine farmer
Mine farmer 3 ай мурун
in Greece the 3060ti is 539 euros (639 us dollars ) what a shame
Exelero 3 ай мурун
Over here in South Africa, scalpers and miners are pretty much nonexistent, so stock of 30 series and 6000 series is actually alright. The only issue is that because of really high shipping costs and taxes, etc, these cards are quite inflated above msrp even at official retailers, and that’s why the stock is better as well, because most people can’t afford them here. I bought a 3060 Ti for 700 usd equivalent from an official retailer as part of my first desktop pc, and while it was sad to buy it for such an inflated price, I still think it’ll be good value for me coming from a 1050 Ti laptop. I think once stock is more readily available worldwide and prices are better, that this card is going to be insanely popular, purely based off of how popular the 1070 is which launched for roughly the same msrp back in 2016, and this card gives over double the performance of the 1070 easily
jasper tully
jasper tully 3 ай мурун
This aged well
Hyper_lix_YT 3 ай мурун
stevo1354 3 ай мурун
1:08 Ill be having that steak dinner when it arrives in a week ;) Got it at msrp
Besieged 3 ай мурун
bro how
Mohammed Khan
Mohammed Khan 3 ай мурун
i got one today get innn
mr-zzz 3 ай мурун
Just got one
Jonathan Simpson
Jonathan Simpson 3 ай мурун
Over clocking my Strix 1060 6gb has just about tided me over till maybe the 3060 to or 3070 ever come in stock, but damn it needs to hurry up lol
Adam Morin
Adam Morin 3 ай мурун
I know this is a month old but is 3060ti worth $600 right now lol
Helen Bedford
Helen Bedford 3 ай мурун
The fact we can't buy these yet actually excites me more!
GalacticHero2068 24 күн мурун
@Helen Bedford I'm aiming for the RTX 3060 Ti
Helen Bedford
Helen Bedford 3 ай мурун
@ian kaytor ikr it's great! It adds to the anticipation!😂 which new gpu would you have?👀
ian kaytor
ian kaytor 3 ай мурун
yes love waiting months for a gpu!
Nicholas Snader
Nicholas Snader 3 ай мурун
I got mine at microcenter for 409$ while looking online for them they were like 600 to 800$ fucking stupid man
bendz FPS
bendz FPS 3 ай мурун
Bro how much do you want for it 😂😂
TheFalcore 3 ай мурун
Me just wanting to play stretched res 1050p. Frames per dollar: ITS OVER 9000
WhoAmIWill 3 ай мурун
Just to remind people, don’t buy from scalpers. The more they sell the more likely they are to keep buying gpus and take them away from actual consumers.
Sandis Twoyoungmen
Sandis Twoyoungmen 3 ай мурун
2021 please bless me with stock ✨
Elon Tusk
Elon Tusk 3 ай мурун
I just bought a ryzen 5 3600 and an rtx 3070. Is that a good pairing?
Isak Ekelund
Isak Ekelund 3 ай мурун
I was able to get mine, but we don't have bots here in sweden.
BradRx05 3 ай мурун
Great review. However, it’s easy for you to say, “Don’t encourage the scalpers,” because you HAVE the cards! LOL. I need a card pronto, and I’m not settling for less than a 3070. Sigh 😔 🤷🏼‍♂️
FullMetal_ 3 ай мурун
just... wait? I'm sitting here rocking a 970 and I'd rather wait than encourage scalpers to keep fucking us over.
Armin Cal
Armin Cal 3 ай мурун
I don't understand, what's up with all the ASUS rtx 30xx and MSI rtx30xx models? I mean didn't GeForce belong to nvidia? Also if they all use the same graphics card(for example asus rtx 3080 and msi rtx 3080) why are their prices so different? Im so confused right now
Natchanon Prabpan
Natchanon Prabpan 3 ай мурун
jokes on you I got the Rtx 3060 TI
dimleaffall 3 ай мурун
I bought my 3060ti from Central Computers in San Mateo, Ca. They had MULTIPLE GPUs in stock on Dec 26th 2020.
Two49 3 ай мурун
I got one but it was a miracle.
Ethan 3 ай мурун
I had to get one from a scalper on Ebay. I needed a gpu for my first build for 1440p gaming
Axody _
Axody _ 3 ай мурун
I had 400$ for the origin price so now I’m saving up some more money for scalper prices
Axody _
Axody _ 3 ай мурун
Ethan 3 ай мурун
@Axody _ yeah I've been seeing them on eBay going for like $600-900 for both cards. Let me know if you find one man.
Axody _
Axody _ 3 ай мурун
@Ethan 3060 or 3070
Ethan 3 ай мурун
@Axody _ he only had one gpu and it was a "brand new" 3060 ti for $675. Just check out the reviews and descriptions carefully. May I ask what card your're looking for?
TRXY_Strucka 3 ай мурун
Is it worth to buy 240hz monitor and having RTX 3060 ti graphic card
TRXY_Strucka 3 ай мурун
@ASBESTOS Fibers ye you right
SS_iSnakeHunter 3 ай мурун
Me with a 1050ti and ryzen 3 1200: 👁👄👁
09Pigboy 3 ай мурун
i got one YESSSSSS
09Pigboy 3 ай мурун
the Rtx 3060 ti msi trio gaming x
GreatGun Hater
GreatGun Hater 3 ай мурун
this card is available from Amazon india at 663$
Eyeziq Porietis
Eyeziq Porietis 3 ай мурун
I bought an XFX RX 590 XT Fatboy for $180 in April after I got laid off, manages to play Cyberpunk @ 72FPS on a mix of med-high settings. Maybe I was clairvoyant? Still hoping to upgrade in a few months. @Bitwit, just discovered your channel after months of watching Paul's Hardware, sorry I didn't clue in sooner, your content is like Hardware Unboxed, but quicker to the point! Thanx!
Matt Keilholz
Matt Keilholz 3 ай мурун
I just got super lucky and my micro center just got a huge truck full of them in and I got mine. I’m so happy
tristan Furlow
tristan Furlow 3 ай мурун
Where is the 6700xt and 6600xt Me saying this knowing I won’t be able to get one 😭😭😭
Cynthia Mellinger
Cynthia Mellinger 3 ай мурун
I think it is here. I am picking it up in 5 days
Joker2552 3 ай мурун
is $520 to much for this card??
Seabass O
Seabass O 3 ай мурун
yes if its not the aourus, ftw, or the gaming x trio
Venom MISSED 3 ай мурун
I went to micro center and they only had 10 left but I got myself one and I was the second to last person to get it they only had 2 left. I got really lucky(btw I got the gigabyte version for the RTX 3060 ti)
Dhairya Dathia
Dhairya Dathia 3 ай мурун
oooh where i live i can buy it
Ben Man
Ben Man 3 ай мурун
I found an offer of the 3060 gost is it good?
Dragon Emissary
Dragon Emissary 3 ай мурун
I preordered one a few days after launch as a Site said they were expecting stock coming in Jan 15. I got it a week later.
Dragon Emissary
Dragon Emissary 3 ай мурун
@Cuvver ebuyer (uk)
Cuvver 3 ай мурун
what site?
Jacob Powell
Jacob Powell 3 ай мурун
I just got one 🤩
Corrupt Mask
Corrupt Mask 3 ай мурун
Sadly I’m thinking about getting a prebuilt with a 3060 TI from NZXT
c1oudz 3 ай мурун
At least your getting it from a good company that won’t have bottlenecked parts
Dr. Elmo
Dr. Elmo 3 ай мурун
its so fucking expensive to live in sweden i mean the 3060 ti costs 399 in the us but in sweden the cheapest one i can find in sweden is 4990kr wich translates to 603 USD???? like wtf. The 3080 is 699 in the us and 8790kr and is 1062 DOLLARS???? I hate this country...
LuckyYuo 3 ай мурун
In poland the cheapest one i could find is 2.299 pln which translates to something like 623 usd
AGS Power
AGS Power 3 ай мурун
Thanks Kyle for the benchmarks, I was able to snatch one last night!
Aquaintence Buddy
Aquaintence Buddy 3 ай мурун
AGS Power actually I’ve been in line for a gigabyte 3060 ti oc pro on shopblt since dec 20. They haven’t charged me yet so I want to keep a lookout for the gpu sooner than the 3 week wait they notified me about two days ago. Congrats on your quick hands though, cannot imagine staring at a website for so long with potentially no changes.
AGS Power
AGS Power 3 ай мурун
@Aquaintence Buddy no problem, just be really fast
Aquaintence Buddy
Aquaintence Buddy 3 ай мурун
AGS Thanks
AGS Power
AGS Power 3 ай мурун
@Aquaintence Buddy zotac’s store
Aquaintence Buddy
Aquaintence Buddy 3 ай мурун
From where?
Jay 3 ай мурун
Hi can you help me pick parts for a build around $900? I want to game with it and do some light video editing. I would appreciate any help!!!!
Fin Tube
Fin Tube 3 ай мурун
i have rtx 3060 ti.
Aaron Blom
Aaron Blom 3 ай мурун
I have this card and I absolutely love it
NomadRoots TV
NomadRoots TV 3 ай мурун
Ive never built a PC. Now that I started streaming here on KGpost and Twitch I'm doing so on my Dell Latitude E5470 which is is a HUGE struggle. Now that I got affiliated and getting subs and donations I'm saving to build my first ever pc on stream. From here until when the 3060 or even the 3060 are available hopefully I'll have enough saved up for then. So I do appreciate these videos. Keep up the amazing work Kyle (:
Kevin Bryant Sr.
Kevin Bryant Sr. 3 ай мурун
Those MSRP are completely horseshit, you will never be able to find them for that price. I'm currently trying to finish a build and can't even find a new 1660 super for less than $300 smfh it's complete BS
John Pietruk
John Pietruk 3 ай мурун
want rtx 3060ti but due to stock im looking at used gpu now
Synbol 3 ай мурун
I just bought one, its coming on thursday :D. Australian vibezzz
[TEA]Samuel Phillips
[TEA]Samuel Phillips 3 ай мурун
Currently I got an MSI X58 PRO-E motherboard, Core i7 920, 2x8GB DDR3 RAM, 250w unknown psu, MSI GTX 1050 2GB. Treated me well the past year now shes goijg into retirement or being used to build my brother a rocket league/roblox PC. Buying a GIGABYTE B460M mATX motherboard, Core i5 10400f, 2X8GB DDR4 3200mhz RAM, corsair CV650w PSU, GIGABYTE RTX 2060. Shouldn't need to upgrade for many years. May upgrade the CPU before anything else in the future. Keep up the great content Kyle.
somil07 3 ай мурун
It's readily available here in India
William Roertveit
William Roertveit 3 ай мурун
i live in japan and all 3000 series are in stock. lol
Roni Pletikosa
Roni Pletikosa 3 ай мурун
what normal people do with their cards: gaming what scalpers do with their cards while waiting for someone to buy it off for 1.000€: 0:04
CensoredMercy 3 ай мурун
Jose Pineda
Jose Pineda 3 ай мурун
My interpretation: Buy the 3080 or 6800xt if you got them sweaty pits and need some deo..
Avve 3 ай мурун
I managed to get an MSI rtx 3060 Ti Ventus 2x OC, its a masterpiece of a card.... Too bad you can bearly get it!
Gingerninja800 3 ай мурун
dont know why people are buying the scalped 3060 Ti. The whole selling point is its value for money so when its been inflated to £600 you might aswell just get a 3070 or something
ash0787 3 ай мурун
its funny because china and SK got rid of the varus way fast, so blaming it on that is probably wrong. I wouldn't buy from nvidia again after what they did to reviewers anyway.
Joseph Diaz
Joseph Diaz 3 ай мурун
I got lucky with my 3060 ti. It didn’t fit in my friends pc case so he sold it to me at MRSP.
Omnoお尻 3 ай мурун
@Joseph Diaz you got pretty dam lucky
Joseph Diaz
Joseph Diaz 3 ай мурун
Sums it up pretty well yeah. I’m not asking questions I sent him the money and took it
Omnoお尻 3 ай мурун
He gave you a sold you a very limeted gpu worth retaiol price of $399 becuase it didnt fit in his $100 dollar case. makes sese
Steror 3 ай мурун
2:30 Correction, it's not HDMI 2.0b, it's 2.1
JraqQ8 4 ай мурун
This can be fixed by I’m not a robot
JraqQ8 3 ай мурун
@Omnoお尻 your right
Omnoお尻 3 ай мурун
@JraqQ8 99% of companys are just money hungry. Thats what a compony is about.
JraqQ8 3 ай мурун
@Omnoお尻 i just realized that Nvidia is money hungry and doesn't care that we don't get it 😒
Omnoお尻 3 ай мурун
yes it can but nvidia doesnt care. Im sure if you had a company if a bot buys your product, oh well its money they dont care as long as they get there money they dont care.
Mortal 4 ай мурун
i actually saw a few on the shelves yesterday when i was buying my ram sticks
Mortal 3 ай мурун
@Emanuel fonz Belgium
Emanuel fonz
Emanuel fonz 3 ай мурун
where at man?
D'Vonte Pratt
D'Vonte Pratt 4 ай мурун
ZoorvaHDD 4 ай мурун
Im getting mine in few days😌 Btw I didnt buy the gpu itself. It came with the NZXT Streaming pc
Johnny nuss
Johnny nuss 4 ай мурун
Zotac store has big restocks almost every Friday night. The drop came in at 10:30pm EST. Running street merchant really makes this otherwise impossible cop actually doable!
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